Monster Logo is the largest job search engine in the world, used to help those seeking work to find job openings that match their skills and location. Monster has over a million job postings at any time and over 1 million resumes in its database, and over 63 million job seekers per month. The company employs 5,000 employees in 36 countries.

Monster asked Webhomes to architect and build an online eStore where company merchandize, promotions, and employees incentives can be centrally located and available across multiple time zones, geographies and cultural preferences. Monster wanted the capability to manage, organize & publish content to its site, on different platforms, all in one place. Additionally they wanted to extend their social enterprise/social business conversations & media out to all employees, partners and stakeholders. The ubiquitous online eCommerce portal can be accessed from any device and any platform, anywhere at any time.

Monster on Violette Background