What We Do

Analytics + Insight

Inspiration drives us to do good work.

Analytics guides us to intelligent performance.

With the considerable amount of data available in real time today, organizations can now see performance or opportunities on a day-by-day basis, allowing the capture, analysis, insight and adjustment, both financial and non-financial, to just about any project on the fly. Analytics provides competitive advantage, enabling organizations to turn data into insights providing improved decision making to and improve organizational performance and drive better outcomes.

In most of our projects, we capture of key performance data from the moment the project is launched. We look to capture real time data on several performance metrics, and apply detailed analysis, statistical modeling, adaptive learning, data mining, historical performance and benchmark analysis, to identify risks and opportunities to make automated or multi-factor strategic assessments associated with a particular set of conditions, guiding leadership decision making for strategic advantage.

We can measure multiple factors towards insight, including customer intelligence and behavioral segmentation, real-time multi-point website analytics, unified digital analytics across mobile, social and web, new web marketing campaigns, software performance and user preferences, application-device user interaction & behaviors, targeting + scoring, optimization and testing, mobile and social apps creation, social media page management, data testing and load balancing, key performance indicators & benchmarking and many other factors.

Whether it is a website, software, application, eCommerce engine, CRM integration, or comprehensive marketing campaign, we create the environment to rapidly analyze, and then provide visibility to valuable and intelligent insight - to facilitate effective decision-making, allowing adjustment as needed to optimize, leading to improved business performance.

Customer intelligence and behavioral segmentation, targeting + scoring, optimization + testing, mobile and social apps creation and Facebook Page management, professional consulting services, real-time web analytics, unified digital analytics across mobile, social and web, and general digital marketing.

We create a customer information strategy that incorporates external data in order to create specific personas for you upon which to base your marketing strategies. Better still, we help you learn from every interaction with a customer, so you’re that much smarter at the next interaction. Recognizing your customers, treating them differently, engaging them in memorable dialogue and then selling them exactly what they want. It’s possible with Multidimensional Insights powering an Acxiom Decision Engine.