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Customer Acquisition

Inbound marketing. Creating new customers for our clients.

Today, creating new customers is the biggest challenge that most companies face. There are a multitude of strategies, options and 3rd party providers, each of which has its merits and challenges. Creating customers in today’s highly networked world, is about providing an excellent customer experience, whether it is in the B2B or B2C markets.

Consumers and buyers now have unprecedented access to information and knowledge about any company. With today’s social media and online commentary, accessible in seconds from anywhere, customer reviews, ratings and social sites can have a significant effect on a business’s reputation, and ability to add new clients.

Reputation management is becoming increasingly important, along with the need to create a social dialogue with a company’s specific target audiences through blogs, social media sites, (such as B2B site linkedin.com or B2C site Facebook.com) online news, company websites, and other online options.

Thought leadership - industry leadership content such as websites, white papers, webinars, public speaking, videos, blogs, and other initiatives demonstrating business thoughts and ideas which merit attention, are now today’s best platforms for inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing including blogs, search engine keyword rich website landing pages, mobile content & apps, vides, eBooks, demos, eNewsletters, podcasts, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing create the attention of the customer, bringing potential new customers in to a company’s website, and creating brand awareness and ongoing relationships with clients, leading to new revenue opportunities.

These forms of customer development programs are all directly aligned with the capabilities of the new web. As the platforms converge across new wireless screens and smart phones, the user interaction changes, as will content. Devices will continue to become faster and more intelligent, discerning information relevance to the user, and ignoring information determined unimportant to the user’s needs.

The more traditional forms of marketing (customer building) including cold-calling, radio, TV, outdoor, newspapers & magazines, direct mail,  advertisements,  email marketing, sales flyers, spam, telemarketing, traditional PR, and other traditional advertising, are considered "outbound marketing."

Customer segmentation continues to become a priority, with personalized content, targeting individuals (potential customers) through the ability to capture, analyze, segment and present personally relevant content through the effective use of meta data and Big Data business intelligence techniques. Webhomes strategic and operational marketing combines demographic, psychographic and geographic research to provide our clients a competitive advantage. Today’s best segmentation leverages campaign performance, using information in real time, allowing on-the-fly content adjustment for optimal ROI.

Marketing automation & CRM are now extensively used in many companies, which organize tasks and calendars, creating automation towards new customer acquisition, and effectively removing the guesswork and wasted time and resources of traditional business development.

Webhomes specializes in creating new customers for our clients. Our capabilities run deep in both new customer acquisition, and retention. We apply new ideas to marketing & sales channel needs, providing a cross-disciplinary role in helping enhance the customer experience, streamline customer acquisition programs and systems, to accelerate corporate growth.

Through the new web’s extraordinary capabilities, our inbound marketing expertise uses today’s dynamic data and technology capabilities with best-in-class creative, messaging and content that drives database mining and contextual opportunities. Combining business strategy, brand experience and innovation with world-class interactive user design, information architecture development, cross-platform technologies, big data and systems, marketing, messaging and content strategy, world-class performance analytics and support, we deliver effective lead generation and customer acquisition solutions to help you outpace your competitors.

  • inbound campaign strategies
  • new web lead generation modeling
  • funnel formula modeling + monetization
  • content engine development: (blogs, video, search engines, social media, whitepapers, eNewsletters, rating sites, podcasts, social shopping, etc)
  • content creation + management
  • funnel conversion qualifier algorithms
  • CRM integration
  • marketing automation
  • multivariate testing

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