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What We Do

Marketing + Lead Generation

Today, consumers have the mic. And we're all listening.

We are new web marketers, connecting you to your customers. Today buyers are savvy, and can determine best options in seconds through the new, creative web.

Marketing is the process of creating or directing an organization to be successful in selling a product or service - that people not only desire, but are willing to buy – thereby helping the organization grow. Our marketing helps you better connect with your customers, and keeps them connected by creating great customer experiences.

We understand how strategy, creative and technology work together. We push ideas, innovations, and technology platforms. Create content that drives database mining and contextual opportunities. Design, develop and deliver effective lead generation and customer acquisition solutions.

Carefully crafted in partnership with clients using performance benchmarks, behavioral targeting, and new web ideas and technologies, solutions are tested on an ongoing basis. We provide strategic and operational marketing that combines demographic, psychographic and geographic research to give you a competitive edge. Our goal is executing innovative marketing functions and growth initiatives that attract, retain and maximize the value of your customers while constantly exceeding expectations.

  • inbound campaign strategy
  • new web lead generation modeling
  • funnel formula modeling + monetization
  • content engine development: (blogs, video, search engines, social media, whitepapers, eNewsletters, rating sites, podcasts, social shopping, etc)
  • content creation + management
  • funnel conversion qualifier algorithms
  • CRM integration
  • marketing automation
  • multivariate testing

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