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The New Web

There have been sizeable advances, as the new web (internet) through its instant access and capabilities, has allowed new knowledge and functions never before possible to become common place in our everyday lives.

The new web has opened new opportunities for innovation and advancement, and has taken the world from a collection of isolated, autonomous communities, countries and continents, to a global, connected village, where people are connected and have instant access to free information, news, knowledge and entertainment. For the first time ever, almost all of our collective human knowledge is now available anywhere, anytime, and accessible to two thirds of the planets population through a computer or wireless, handheld device.

A typical mobile user today, engages with their device 150 times every day, including 23 times for messages, nine times for social media, and six times for news. Add to that the use of apps such as weather, banking, navigation, healthcare, and others, and our devices running on the new web can now deliver knowledge and media never before possible.

The new web has provided considerable progress and opportunities to businesses across all sectors and market places, as organizations are using an explosion of data to transform their enterprises and institutions to create new revenues and build brands through analytics, advanced responsive websites, mobile technologies, apps, social business and the cloud.

But today’s new web continues to morph into new future capabilities. As innovations and new capabilities continue at a blistering pace, the new web will continue to provide savvy businesses competitive advantage.

Our purpose at Webhomes is to help our clients leverage the capabilities of the new web to create business advantage.

The new web, faster, linked data, personally relevant & more intelligent. The converging of social interaction, search and uniquely relevant content (knowledge) with the instant ability to transact business and create commerce (eCommerce). The new web can now instantly connect people and organizations across multiple wireless devices & screens.

We can see how this new era can create market winners. These companies are changing how their decisions are made and creating new models of how hierarchies and customer development and service is conducted, based on their customers real needs, as they need them . These organizations are redesigning how their teams work, reassessing how to best serve their customers, and changing the very nature of business. Smart businesses are re-looking at their brands, and how they interact with their customers, providing value, knowledge and experiences across all stages of the sales cycle.

But its data today, that holds the biggest opportunities. The new web is not devices. It’s data. For businesses to compete in today’s ultra switched-on world means building a strategy that incorporates data, Especially mobile data. Every interaction can be an opportunity to engage, learn and lead.

The era of Big Data is here, and it's the ability of organizations to harness this data that gives market leaders their competitive advantage in the era of "intelligent."

The Internet of Things (IoT), is the next iteration of the new web. The ability to add uniquely identifiable objects and devices to virtually any “thing” (cars, refrigerators, valves, ocean buoys, elevators, bacteria….virtually anything), could be transformative of daily life. Equipping objects with minuscule identifying devices offers a way for disparate things (devices) to connect with each other, creating intelligence and information. Estimates are that more than 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected to the Internet of Things (Internet of Everything) by 2020. One's ability to interact with objects could be altered remotely based on an individual’s immediate or present needs, as our devices aggregate large volumes of data, instantaneously processed with the help of personally relevant algorithms to help us make decisions and actions, based on intelligent data.

A primary use of Big Data is to help businesses better create new customers. Intelligently sorted Data’s considerable capabilities are now able to reveal customers not as demographic slices—based on geographic location, age, household income, job title, interests and the like—but as individuals. Advertising used to be only about selling. Today, smart marketing organizations can now begin conversations and deliver useful and relevant insight, knowledge and services—to one individual at a time.

Mobile holds the most promise. There are four times as many mobile devices in use today as there are personal computers, and twice as many as there are TV’s. There are few technologies in history that have transformed our lives like smart phones. Two out of three people keep a mobile device within reach at all times. The 1.2 gigabytes of data generated each day is a renewable supply of ideas and consumer preferences, telling us about the way people interact and what their needs are.

Market leader businesses are embracing mobile capabilities. They build enterprise capabilities to connect with mobile customers, shape understanding and insights through advanced analytics, deliver more relevant engagements throughout the selling cycle, at a time when the buyers and consumers are most likely to need their products or services, and as a result are able to integrate intelligent management and customer service with excellence in ubiquitous, personalized, and contextually relevant  front-end user interface functionality (user experience), and back-end data gathering and analytics.

The New web enables businesses to:

  • Turn every interaction into an engagement and opportunity to create a brand touch point, allowing campaign or sales cycle measurement and contextually relevant, intelligent process-driven actions to create customers.
  • Provide a consistent and personal brand experience across multiple touch points by connecting buyers to trusted advisors (friends), to mobile apps providing ease of use towards transactions or brand experience, to ultra-personalization and recognition of an individual’s specific needs art any time.
  • Transform the value chain and increase customer engagement and organizational productivity using the new web’s innovative business models and insights.
  • Lower business and development costs by leveraging today’s cloud technologies and data analytics to gain visibility into buyer’s needs, reduce IT costs with faster-to-market app and content development capabilities.

Today, the new web is providing new perspectives, new ways of working, and new solutions across industries.

Webhomes is a new breed of agency, focused on helping our clients leverage the amazing capabilities of the new web.

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