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The New Web

The new web. Faster. Linked data. Relevant & more intelligent. Connecting people & organizations across multiple wireless devices & screens.

We are the new web.

Webhomes is a new type of agency, unlike any other internet, marketing or technology group you have ever worked with. We are passionate and knowledgeable about how to connect our clients to their customers in new ways through the fresh, always on technologies, devices, applications and data capabilities of today’s new internet.

Smart companies are rethinking their marketing, customer acquisition & website strategies to leverage the new Internet: more connected, open, and intelligent, with semantic Web technologies, distributed databases, natural language processing, machine learning, machine reasoning, and autonomous agents – across multiple platforms.

As is already happening, inbound marketing strategies, based on demonstrating strong brands and thought leadership with highly relevant content to multiple target audiences is key. Devices will continue to become faster and more intelligent, discerning information relevance to the user, and ignoring information determined unimportant to the users needs. Search engines will be smarter.

Knowledge & information is now accessible instantly by anyone. Customers can review and compare offerings within seconds through a mobile device, wireless connection to a search engine or ratings site, comparing multiple options, reviews and pricing models, leading to brand preferences and financial transactions, on-the-go, anywhere, at any time. The new web is more visual, about open and more structured data - essentially making the Web more 'intelligent.'

Mobile devices (smart phones & tablets) are now carried everywhere. There are applications (apps) for millions of functions, from shopping, to the weather, to photos, to linking with friends (social networking), to turn-by-turn directions, to entertainment and beyond. Mobile devices are now our source for music, movies, and more, placing the Internet at the center of both our work and our personal lives. This makes the new web always present in our lives; at work, at home, on the road, out to dinner, wherever we go. The new, faster, smarter, linked web is here.

The new web is a result of innovation, enabled by the convergence of several key emerging technology & human engagement trends:

The new web allows new opportunities for savvy companies, to better interact with their customers. Brand-building on the new web has never been so important, as consumers make rapid, instant decisions on preferences and needs from remote locations.

Shoppers now never need set foot in brick & mortar stores. Instead they can now connect with their trusted advisors (social shopping) to determine best options, based on their specific needs. Data is now extremely valuable to smart operators, and the smarter the data, the more things we can do with it. The current trends we're seeing today - filtering content, real-time data, personalization, make the Web more connected, more open, and more intelligent. The new web is transforming from a network of separately siloed applications and content repositories to a more seamless and interoperable whole.

Optimization ensures that every digital experience constantly evolves to meet the needs of today’s connected consumer. At Webhomes we invest every day in becoming more agile, more innovative & collaborative, and more digitally relevant to our client’s needs. We are a full service, comprehensive shop, & we know that the best way to help our clients thrive in rapidly changing markets is to be relentlessly driven to provide solutions & support ahead of everyone else.

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