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SaaS + App Development

Webhomes builds software.

The considerable advantages of SaaS, a contemporary software delivery model in which software and associated data are hosted in the cloud, SaaS has become a common delivery model for many business applications.

Webhomes builds SaaS software and applications for our clients to create efficiencies & business advantage. Our SaaS development projects improve organizational processes and human productivity in the workplace by creating efficiencies, allowing users to access software and applications remotely, through the cloud, delivering services and business applications through the new web.

SaaS is becoming attractive for businesses and services companies in multiple industries. Adoption continues to increase significantly as more applications are deployed to the Cloud, and it is relatively quick to concept, architect and develop, often keeping costs lower than traditional software development models. SaaS is typically accessed by users using a thin client via a web browser. Features can be simply enabled or disabled by customer or permission-based user based on a specific industry, work environment, or other criteria.

Additionally SaaS is quick to implement, creating rapid time-to-value. Businesses get faster implementation, reduce implementation and development costs, can lower operating costs and help increase return on investment (ROI) for corporations, allowing improved operating margins and the ability to reduce costs for customers. Implementation time is shortened and greater user acceptance is typically achieved. 

Additionally, new version releases are automatic, there are no logging in to download the latest version of software, and users simply login to use the application as usual to get the latest version and features automatically. With our SaaS-based APM, Webhomes manages the hosting and scalability across multiple servers care of that for you.

Application development & mobile apps are becoming a staple of our lives. As we transition towards the new web with its progressive screens, in particular its mobile, anywhere, anytime capability, apps on our smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices are becoming increasingly the preferred method for knowledge or the achievement of productivity and tasks.

Since 1994, Webhomes has been in the business of developing software and apps. We believe the most successful web and mobile applications are conceived out of solid, well thought out strategy, elegant and well developed coding and architecture, and innovative, user friendly, engaging design.

We have worked with hundreds of companies, and work within a professional project management framework that results in cost effective development projects that have real world advantages.

  • Software as a Service business planning
  • SaaS architecture + prototyping
  • SaaS development
  • mobile app development
  • software development
  • IT Infrastructure Services
  • IT Enterprise Consulting
  • Infrastructure Engineering

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