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Business Intelligence

Intelligence. Improved decision making to drive better outcomes.

The new web’s new Big Data capabilities of rapid speed to insight, allow high performing businesses to deliver intelligence through business analytics to create competitive advantage and turn their data into insights providing improved decision making to drive better outcomes.

It is not only access to information, but the ability to rapidly analyze and act upon that information that creates high performance, competitive and financial advantage, and new growth opportunities in business. BI and Predictive Analytics creates the ability to make faster and better decisions. Business Intelligence (BI) has the goal of assembling key data, rendering this data through computer-based applications and algorithms into business models into. This can range from a single fact, such as how operating cash flow is calculated and optimized, to broad-based strategic initiatives such as how manufacturing plants operate or creating cost to profit ratios and predictive outcomes.

As advances in information technology have become practically ubiquitous, businesses of all sizes can now harness their data to get smarter about cost structure and overhead, detailed customer behavior & preferences, product development, profit centers and ratios, supply chain efficiencies, human performance, talent management, and other areas of business.

Data Interrogation & Modeling is the process of reviewing, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of gleaning and highlighting useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision making. It works closely in conjunction with Predictive Analytics (PA), and is the new generation of using data to improve workforce decision-making.

Webhomes can provide your business an end-to-end solution for Business Intelligence, allowing you to make improved decisions, on a departmental or company-wide basis, grounded on fact and advanced computer predictive analysis. We offer an end-to-end solution for Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Data Modeling and Executive Dashboards,  and are committed to helping our clients reinvent performance within their businesses.

Using our seasoned data capabilities (since 1994), Webhomes can effectively integrate client BI data with technologies, people, and methodologies to provide clarity to decision makers or to automate certain decision-making processes. This intelligence leads to actions based on insight, augmented from best practices, benchmarking and experience, and best results come from a strategy that guides the organization toward effective and pervasive use of BI and Predictive Analytics across a broad spectrum of leadership and decision-making processes that exist in your organization.

  • data interrogation + modeling
  • key performance indicators & benchmarking
  • computer-based algorithms to business models
  • performance benchmarking
  • business intelligence
  • performance dashboard
  • data interrogation + modeling
  • tactical implementation + integration
  • data analytics
  • predictive analytics
  • cloud-based data
  • hosting + data management