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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides organizations many advantages in effective data and knowledge management. It typically also creates increased organizational management, through file availability anywhere, anytime, all in one place, especially with the rise of SaaS "desktop and mobile applications.” It provides limitless storage space, without the need for expensive server infrastructure and support, and auto backup and archiving of documents & file. The Cloud provides strong security protocols, and enables developers to exploit functionality over the Internet, rather than delivering full-blown applications. Additionally providing access to share files with anyone, including geographically isolated individuals or teams.

Webhomes helps our clients effectively implement cloud-based computing, security and rapid, real-time access to information in their organizations. Our SaaS cloud computing delivers a single application through a browser to customers using a multitenant architecture. Using SaaS there is no upfront investment in servers or software licensing for the organization, and costs are low compared to conventional hosting, as there is only one app to maintain.

Web services, offer Cloud-based API’s available anywhere such as by Google Maps, payroll processing and HR functions, to information API’s such as Bloomberg, or eBusiness and credit card transactional services. The Cloud also provides SaaS based development environments for Platform as a service. You can build your own applications or SaaS that running on Webhomes platform (or a third party) infrastructure, delivered to our client’s users via the Internet from the Cloud servers.

Our utility computing model enables enterprises to use the Cloud for enabling IT to adding memory, I/O, storage, and computational capacity as a virtualized resource pool available over the network. Additionally the Cloud’s utility computing can be used for supplemental, non-mission-critical needs as determined to leverage the additional space and access of the datacenter.

Webhomes will manage the integration of cloud-based services to connect organizations and SaaS infrastructure to provide integrated solutions to our customers.

  • cloud implementation + management strategy
  • distributed network computing architecture
  • SaaS based Cloud infrastructure + integration
  • converged infrastructure + shared services
  • technology + technical consulting for the cloud
  • cloud services + hosting
  • database + data management

Clouds in the Sky