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Thinking + Innovation

Our Thinking

Our “thinking” is our strongest value.

From the outset, we have architected and built Webhomes to be an organization of innovative thinkers. Our ability to think creatively, generate new insights and provide a fresh perspective on established thinking, is the basis for our performance.

The fundamental reason we exist, is to provide ideas, expertise, and solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals. The most important value we provide our clients is our unique ability to think, ideate and innovate to engineer new and better solutions to help our clients.

Our philosophy is to approach each client challenge as unique, providing truly customized solutions, based on carefully researched strategies, rather than offering our customers generic packages. It is our goal to primarily grow our agency through strong word-of-mouth, by doing good work that actually achieves the performance results and potential we commit to.

What we do, and deliver, is complicated and complex.

Getting the initial strategy right, is often the greatest challenge, and if the strategy is not the best solution to achieve the client’s business goals, then the solution will not provide the optimum results or greatest ROI. For every project, we spend considerable time and effort researching, ideating, determining and conducting research and discovery. We look at all options, often review industry best-in-class, and look deeply into target audience preferences and behaviors. Our goal is to create sound and intelligent innovations & strategies - and then implement excellent solutions, deliverables and support.

Our shop is collaborative, there are no bad ideas, and we work hard to remove hierarchies, encouraging everyone to voice their ideas and opinions without fear of laughter (well, maybe a little). Often the great ideas are initiated from someone who is not limited by conventional thinking or preconceived boundaries.

Almost all of our solutions are a combination of both left brain and right brain thinking. Yin and yang, creative versus rational, linear versus holistic, details versus what-could-be. Within our organization, there are five “thinking” archetypes that must work together in congruence if and effective translation from strategy to creative to technology is able to be accomplished for all concerned. They are the business strategist, engineer, artist, economist and project manager. In many organizations, these disciplines occupy different levels on the value chain, but not with us. Everyone is asked, and expected, to contribute to great work.

Translating strategy into creative and technical solutions that work - is a complex process. To be effective, the process requires more than a thoughtful “hand-off” between left-brainers and right brainers. It requires that the sum of all parts results in the achievement of strategy.

Tied to that is our need build upon our clients established brands. What works for one, likely won’t work for another. The effective translation of brand strategy into compelling technology-based brand-aligned solutions requires a more inclusive, transparent and strategy aligned process. We must consider ourselves architects, designing and building enduring structures to bridge brand strategy and messaging, relevantly aligned with the needs the target end-customer, saddled to a platform of Madison Avenue creative, leveraging the best of Silicon Valley technology.

Our DNA incorporates learning and knowledge. As our expertize has grown, so too have the capabilities of the technologies we use. The web has grown into the new web, renewed and redefined, exponentially growing more powerful and capable, and being adopted by the population to change our daily lives, in ways we could never have imagined just a few years ago.

The solutions we build at Webhomes must apply to the mainstream users, both in usability and in technology capabilities, but we must constantly adapt, change and adjust our thinking and ideas to new trends, technology capabilities, mass adopted preferences and constantly moving paradigms.

We are constantly exploring the technologies and solutions that have driven our achievement, but relooking at how we see them developing and being of value in achieving our client’s business needs on an ongoing basis. We work hard to ensure the innovations, ideas and technologies can be integrated into our strategies to allow our partners to establish themselves firmly at the heart of the converged world of today’s new web.

The baseline of adoption and user behavior continues to move. Today’s technology limitations become tomorrow’s opportunities, and the ever changing needs of our target audience’s “expectations,” become the norm. There is no line-in-the-sand with regard to technology capabilities today. From the outset we have set the bar for visual and technological innovation in digital solutions, achieving an unrivalled array of project successes for our clients. Our goal is to continue to bring new ideas to our clients, created through collaboration of some of the best minds in the business.

We work hard to ensure “the Webhomes experience,” for both clients and our own people, is the combination of everything that’s unique about us. Our culture, our philosophy, our core values, our company communication, our commitment to performance and sustainability, and our ability to manage the translation of business and brand strategy to creative and technologies, across multiple screens is a delicate process of enabling the polarized thinking archetypes of the business strategist, engineer, artist, economist and project manager to form a singular voice.

We acknowledge that Webhome’s worldview differs from that of most other companies. We are committed to the creation of conditions for personal and career development and to build meaning into the tasks we perform. It is a place for people who will tolerate nothing less than excellence and who have an inner drive towards self development.

But most importantly, it’s our people. It’s who we are, it’s how we think, and the true value we create as an organization to our customers.

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