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Campaign Management

The multi disciplines of excellent campaign management.

The complexity of managing marketing campaigns is a specialist endeavor. Today’s new web allows more reach, more targeting and more customer behavior insight in real time than ever before in human history. Using today’s digital channels to reach customers requires a dedicated team of cross specialty experts - strategists, project managers, economists, engineers creative artists and analysts working together to ensure the business goals are being achieved or exceeded. By integrating their diverse organizational disciplines, they are at a constant busy intersection of multiple conflicting perspectives and intangible skill sets, but able to harness their collective power to better manage materials, tasks, data, technologies, money and creativity towards campaign performance.

Campaigns start with a strategy to achieve specific business goals. Always. The creative and messaging must be directly aligned with the needs and personal preferences of the correct target audiences, and the delivery must come through its digital platform on the right technology platform, incorporating the right message, content and data at the right time.

Mobile adoption is currently exponential. Our mobile approach is about identifying opportunities that meet both the consumer’s needs and your business goals. Research reveals insights into the audience and then initiatives are tailored for the channel or sector that will create the most impactful performance.

The evolution of the new web, social media marketing, mobile marketing and the pervasiveness of Big Data (meta data) marketing has made cross-channel campaign management increasingly complex. To be successful, marketers are forsaking the traditional push marketing paradigms and adopting inbound marketing and thought leadership interaction brand optimization strategies instead. This means campaigns must now integrate online and offline data as well as inbound and outbound channels. Marketers must be more aware of the needs of individual customers, and must target and time messages more accurately, and deliver a consistent brand message and call to action across multiple channels.

But the most compelling reason clients should work with a firm like Webhomes is that we are specialists in the multi disciplines of strategy, creative and technologies, and are able to effectively manage smart marketing campaigns geared towards customer development.

Content is king today. As campaigns run on multiple social sites, information is parlayed across a plethora of disparate screens, media, browser technologies, data platforms, and day parts. Webhomes can develop, run, manage, optimize, integrate and analyze all customer interaction initiatives, campaigns and event-driven programs.

  • New web & mobile marketing strategy
  • Cross channel + platform planning
  • Messaging programs
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Optimized mobile sites
  • Native applications
  • Media planning +media buy
  • Owned media: your website, your product and your packaging.
  • Paid media: broadcast, print, online advertising, keywords.
  • Earned media: public relations, Facebook profile, Twitter, YouTube.
  • Create optimized content strategies
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Page title optimization
  • Media optimization
  • Linking strategy
  • Digital monitoring
  • Strategy development
  • Social marketing training
  • Social marketing execution
  • Content strategy
  • Community management
  • Campaign activation + management
  • Social marketing analytics
  • Technical integration and development