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Insight + Authentic Experience

Customer insight engages in dynamic conversations and capture of information with buyers and influencers to target, acquire and retain customers through an authentic brand experience.

Customer insight is key to driving customer acquisition and retention. It also allows a company to create an authentic brand experience, based on the specific needs of the customer. Insight combines the ongoing collection, deployment and interpretation of key information that allows your business to acquire, develop and retain their customers Knowing what, when and where your customer’s needs are is critical to creating market share and growing revenues.

Impact assessments can quantify how actions taken by a business affect the customer behavior, can calculate the lifetime value of a customer base, and can allow businesses to measure multiple factors such as the cost of acquisition and the churn rate of customers. Propensity modeling can predict the future behavior of customers based on previous actions and helps businesses understand how likely it is that a customer will behave in a given way. Webhomes also helps its eCommerce clients identify product and service relationships (algorithms) to better understand which product combinations will create increased sales.

Webhomes tactics, enabled by technology, allows marketing to engage in a dynamic conversation with people that are not only buyers but also influences to ultimately target, acquire and retain customers. Today’s web technologies can drive customer acquisition and retention, through marketing automation to measure, manage and optimize marketing processes and programs, and customer facing applications, websites and digital touch points.

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