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eCommerce + Social Shopping

Collaborative Online Social Shopping. Today’s eCommerce is here.

Social networks are maturing towards being an optimal channel for enabling trusted online engagement and conversations. Retail shopping with friends has been a social experience & mainstay of the retail industry since modern stores were first introduced over 200 years ago, but online shopping, has largely remained a solo experience.

These two transformative technologies, e-commerce, social media, combined with search and relevant content, have converged together as Social Shopping, valuable for both consumers and online businesses. Add the instant, always on capabilities of mobile devices, and the potential for successful online shopping continues to grow.

As the new web is becoming a social platform, as seen in the explosive growth and cross cultural, global popularity of social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn, shoppers now have the ability to connect with trusted & valued social opinion to enjoy a social experience when they visit online stores.

With collaborative social shopping, online retailers have the opportunity to create a better experience and a deeper brand engagement leading to ongoing continued loyalty in future sales for consumers. Stores can maintain an improved relationship with a much larger online target audience, often geographically very large (regional, national or even global), and can increase conversion rates by enabling collaborative idea sharing, rating and reputation capabilities, and conversation on their websites to move shoppers from consideration to purchase.

Today’s smart devices and social media capabilities with their considerable meta data capturing capacities, can effectively impact consumer online habits, while allowing retailers the ability to provide targeted, relevant and timely offers to their customers, simultaneously improving the customer shopping experience and the company's bottom line.

Additionally, architecting & building social shopping into the DNA of an e-commerce site, provides retailers with unique & exclusive business intelligence & meta data that can be captured & analyzed to accelerate the selling cycle based on actual individual timelines & needs, while distinguishing between tire kickers, influencers, advocates, traditional buyers, and likely buyers ready to purchase now within a carefully crafted sales cycle conversion methodology.

Webhomes is eCommerce on the new web. We help our clients determine best strategies, then architect, build, manage & support our stores. eCommerce is two major elements, the store, and the marketing initiatives to get shoppers to the store. We pride ourselves on a relentless drive towards performance, and take a contemporary approach towards simplifying the complexity of the multiple moving parts through an effective process driven methodology.

  • eCommerce strategy + site design
  • eCommerce store development
  • mobile shopping
  • social shopping
  • like-minded people to share, discuss + shop
  • target buyer marketing campaigns
  • viral shopping campaigns
  • best-in-class retail solutions
  • recommendation engines
  • integration into supply chain + merchant banking
  • group shopping sites
  • smart phone onsite proximity technology + campaigns

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