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St. Jude is a $16 billion global medical device company dedicated to making life better for cardiac, neurological and chronic pain patients, through excellence and innovation in medical device technology and services. The corporation has 12,000 employees, and operations, research, & manufacturing facilities in 123 countries.

St. Jude Medical wanted provide its network of Cardiac Surgeons access to a private social online portal, where expert Physicians can network and interact with their peers regionally, nationally or globally, to collaborate, learn and share knowledge. The goal was to build a better relationship with its target audience, by leveraging best-in-class information, video, training, education and services to help the company create better brand awareness while capturing market share and revenue growth. Our people designed, engineered and delivered a sophisticated new web portal with an excellent user interface, easy accessibility from any device. St. Jude now has improved brand, tools and online capabilities to better communicate with its physician base, and continues to gain market share and identify opportunities for even greater performance and innovation.

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