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Who We Are

Local + Global Responsibility

It’s not about us. It’s about us, doing our part.

We think the purpose of business is not only to create net worth….but also to create self worth. 

As an organization, we are committed to being a good steward, and improving lives, both locally and regionally, but also nationally and globally, - while building a quality-based, high performing business.

We commit a percentage of all sales to causes, individuals, organizations, and groups who can demonstrate that they are doing good work. Through our carefully selected projects we aim to make a lasting contribution to the social and economic development of our planet….and to have a higher purpose than being just another business. This allows our clients to contribute to more than just services, but to today’s great social issues, through their involvement with us and their payments for work done. It also allows us as a company, to identify and focus our priorities, needs and values on the key principles that will allow us to achieve our social responsibility mission.

That is why social responsibility is an integral part of our corporate DNA. We want to make a difference. We believe our business decisions and our social policies must follow the principle of shared value. We support our employees' and our client’s employees volunteer work and social responsibility programs. In this way we help not-for-profit and NGO organizations through donations in cash or kind. Additionally, we sponsor specific youth, educational and social projects and proactively follow their progress. Our Corporate Social Responsibility actions are primarily focused on the elements below.

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