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The new web. Visual. Intelligent. Relevant. Connected. Mobile.

The web has changed. Businesses now compete to engage their customers across multiple channels and screens. Today’s connected customer can now research & determine needed knowledge in milliseconds using a search engine, can connect with like-minded people using a social network, and can easily determine best options or pricing using a rating site or app.

The new web is very visual, and new technology capabilities and devices are creating the ability to converge search engines with social media, experiential content (engaging copy, images & video) and instant eCommerce transactions (revenue or sales opportunities).

The new web is becoming more connected, open, and intelligent, with semantic Web technologies, distributed databases, natural language processing, machine learning, machine reasoning, and autonomous agents – across multiple platforms.

As is already happening, inbound marketing strategies, based on demonstrating strong brands and thought leadership with highly relevant content to multiple target audiences is key. Devices will continue to become faster and more intelligent, discerning information relevance to the user, and ignoring information determined unimportant to the user’s needs. Search engines will be smarter, personal preferences & behavioral targeting capabilities will become very precise down to the individual, & geo-spatial proximity marketing will become prevalent.

The new social search takes into account the Social Graph of the person initiating the search query. Every individual is now considered unique. Social search takes numerous forms, ranging from simple shared bookmarks or tagging of content with descriptive labels to more sophisticated approaches that combine human intelligence with computer algorithms. The search experience takes into account variable sources of metadata, such as collaborative discovery of web pages, tags, social ranking, commenting on social sites, bookmarks, blogs, images, news, videos, knowledge sharing, podcasts and other web content.

In order to effectively engage an audience, it’s essential to take a strategically focused yet pragmatically tactical approach with content creation and outreach efforts, to create conversation and engagement with prospects at every stage of the selling cycle.

Social retargeting—using tracking cookies to display relevant ads to prospects that have previously accessed the content— can then be used to increase conversions. Smart organizations must now identify their unique brand story (value proposition), and present to their customers relevant content, to distinguish themselves, engage customers, and create progressive buying opportunities – leading to commerce.

The brand remains king, but the kingdom now has multiple key players.

The new, visual, interactive web must now find & engage customers. Savvy brands must make this a top priority, as engaged customers are more satisfied, brand-aware and loyal - and have a higher propensity to buy a great brands products & services. Social media today is a powerful tool that organizations are using to turn communication into interactive dialogue and engagement among organizations, communities, and individuals, but social media continues to morph into a more mature and powerful medium.

  • buyer – consumer conversation + engagement
  • website development + optimization
  • social content management
  • social + search + content + eCommerce
  • compelling, engaging and timely branded media
  • social community development
  • social network marketing campaigns
  • content planning + editorial calendar
  • online directories + optimization
  • inbound marketing
  • mobile marketing
  • reputation management
  • buzz + perception monitoring
  • online display advertising
  • online PR
  • social monitoring & performance analytics

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